Liverpool earns nearly half of its revenue from outside of the UK

Ian Ayre, Managing Director of English Premier League football club Liverpool, has confirmed that "almost half" of the club's total revenue "now comes from international markets."

Addressing questions from readers of The Star, a Malaysian newspaper, he explained that the club sourced local income in that coountry from "media revenue from the Premier League TV rights shown in Malaysia and from our own LFCTV channel seen on TV and subscribed for on the Web in Malaysia, from merchandise sales online and offline in Malaysia and from other commercial activities such as tours, licensing and of course, from our sponsors, many of whom have significant business in Malaysia."

However, the "financial value" of the clubs fortcoming exhibition game in Kuala Lumpur is but "one part of many financial elements" to the business. "The most important part though is not the money," he said. "It is a chance to let the fans see the players up close and also for our players to get fit and prepare themselves for the new EPL season which starts just one month after the game in KL."

Liverpool "does not really plan to develop football in Asia," he said. "We leave true local football development in each Asian market to its local football association and in your case, the Football Association of Malaysia, and we also follow the developments of the Asian Football Confederation in a wider sense."

He added that Liverpool FC is focused on "youth opportunities" through its global international soccer schools and football academies and "also working with local sports organisations like KLFA at their new facilities."