Is removing term limits for top sports officials an opening for corruption?

From the   Asian Football Confederation   to the   International Olympics Committee , sports organisations are debating the removal of term limits for top officials to keep skilled people involved. However   Joshua McLeod   and   Hunter Fujak   find an expert consensus that the benefits of implementing term limits restricting concentration of power dramatically outweigh the potential disadvantages: "This is especially true in sport, a sector with prestige and status. In such an environment, people are particularly inclined to stay involved" July 2007, then President of FIFA, Mr Sepp Blatter, attends the final of the AFC Asia Cup in Jakarta, Indonesia, with then President of the Asian Football Confederation, Mr Mohamed bin Hammam / Photo: Geoffrey Gold BEING A SPORT administrator comes with many perks, so it’s no surprise many want to stay in their positions as long as possible. Recently, a trend has emerged whereby leaders in sport are seeking to extend or eliminate term limi

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