Conservative parliamentarians try to cancel Kuwait women's football tournament

A Salafi parliamentarian, Waleed al-Tabtabai, has urged the government of Kuwait to prevent the country's football association from hosting a women's international indoors tournament. “Women playing football is unacceptable and contrary to human nature and good customs. The government has to step in and drop the tournament,” Kuwait’s Al Wasat newspaper quoted him as saying.

Mr Tabtabai was one of a number of deputies who last year criticised the government and sports executives for allowing the Kuwaiti women’s national football team to take part in the 3rd West Asian Women Football Tournament in Abu Dhabi, James M Dorsey noted in Al Arabiya.

The members of parliament charged that the women’s participation had been illegal and a waste of money. “Football is not meant for women, anyway,” Mr. Tabtabai said at the time.

However it is a condition of the Asian Football Confederation that for men's teams to play in regional football tournaments, the country's football association must proactively support the development of women's football; a policy promoted by the AFC's currently suspended President, Mohamed Bin Hammam of Qatar.