Bin Hammam asks to be judged without "any political agenda or motivation"

Following yesterday's announcement by FIFA, the world football body, that he would be called to appear before its Ethics Committee on 22 July, Mohamed bin Hammam has issued a personal plea for a "fair hearing."

According to the suspended FIFA Executive Committee member and President of the Asian Football Confederation, his case has been affected "by persons who, along with their motivations, remain unknown."

Bin Hammam published the follow statement on his website:

"Despite my disappointment that throughout this entire trial and investigation, there have been continuous leaks of confidential information by persons who, along with their motivations, remain unknown.

"Despite my observation that public comments were made by certain members directly involved in the process regarding a case that was still under investigation. And despite my earlier comments that there has been a bias against me.

"Despite all these, I am still looking for and hoping to receive a fair hearing – one which will not be influenced by any political agenda or motivation.

"These proceedings were initiated based on the allegations of vote buying. I hope that, by now, the investigation has identified whether or not there had been attempts by me - directly or indirectly - to buy votes, particularly from those who claimed to have received these monies.

"I hope that the decision will be made solely by the members of this committee and based solely on the facts presented and not based on assumptions or the wishes of people outside the committee."