Yeung still processing Birmingham City deal in HK

Hong Kong businessman Carson Yeung has assured David Sullivan, his fellow major shareholder of English Premier League club Birmingham City that he is confident of soon buying full control of the club. Sullivan had publicly expressed concern that the club's stability would suffer if a deal wasn't concluded by the end of September. "I don't know enough about the Chinese psychology. But, for the sake of the club, it needs to be sorted out," he told media. "I appreciate that Mr Sullivan wants to ensure the stability of the club as soon as possible," Yeung's representative, Sammy Yu, told The Times.

"We have no bad feelings about what was said in the week. But sooner or later it will happen. At the moment we are making sure we satisfy the regulations that all listed companies in Hong Kong have to abide by. We are definitely coming to Birmingham though and, from Hong Kong, we are monitoring all that is going on at the club. It won't take long and Mr Yeung stands by what he said in Birmingham last week. He feels that he could take control in a month or two so by October he could be the owner. A lot of things we need to do with the stock exchange in Hong Kong have been done already. We understand the concerns of the club and the supporters but we do not see there being any problems. It's just that we are not based in the United Kingdom and there are many small details that need to be completed which just take time," he said.