Yeung gets Birmingham City Gold's approval

David Gold, Chairman of English Premier League club Birmingham City is reportedly convinced new major shareholder, Hong Kong businessman Carson Yeung, will not interfere in team affairs if he takes control of the club. "From all the indications and meetings I've had with him, I believe he will work very well with the existing regime at the club. Mr Yeung would be fully aware that interference in clubs is not taken too kindly in the Premier League," he said. "He and his companies are in the super-wealthy league. There's no doubt that wealth plays a big part in the future of your football club, and the more wealth you can bring in, the greater the likelihood that you will be a successful club. If you want to challenge the very best in the Premier League, you need all the funds you can bring together, and Carson Yeung will be a great asset to us. And yes, I am sad if that will ultimately mean I'm no longer with the club.

"At present he has 29.9 per cent of the shares, the Golds and David Sullivan collectively have 50 per cent, so in effect we remain in control. We will wait to see whether Carson Yeung carries on and fulfils his requirement for buying the rest of the club. Purely from a personal point of view I really don't mind either way what happens. But I would like to remain at the club in some way because it is in my blood. I am currently the chairman, but most of all I am a fan, so I'd like to retain that connection in some way," he told the BBC.

According to ESPN, should Gold be ousted he will remain in football, although whether that would be another Premiership club, or more likely a cheaper Championship team, remains to be seen. But he added: "It gives me something, an adrenaline rush, that no other business has ever given me. If I end up leaving Birmingham City there's a possibility I would end up moving to the south and see if there's a club looking for a young chairman to join them. I'm not saying who. That would be inappropriate because my whole life revolves around the success of Birmingham City Football Club."