Schwarzer tells 'roo fans to forget about Asian Cup

Australia's goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer has asked fans to forget the Socceroos' dismal quarter-final exit at the Asian Cup and to look forward to the friendly against Argentina in September. The goalkeeper for English Premier League club Middlesbrough has committed himself to play against the world's No.2-ranked side at the 100,000-seat Melbourne Cricket Ground. "In the Asian Cup we were confident we would do well. The boys came away from such a big tournament with nothing in the end and not playing anywhere near the expectations that we had. Whatever the future holds, you've got to start afresh again and concentrate on our next game, which is the game against Argentina, which is a good game to go into after the Asian Cup. It's always great to play these sorts of games against a world-class side. Argentina is a great opportunity for us to play well and to put that back in the minds of the Australian public and all the supporters of the national team that that's how we can play," he told AAP.