Iraq and North Korea confirm Thailand King's Cup

North Korea and the reigning Asian Cup champion Iraq have confirmed their participation along side Thailand in the annual four-nation King's Cup tournament played in Bangkok. According to Football Association of Thailand President, Worawi Makudi, a European team will probably be given priority for the final place in the event which will be palyed between 23-29 December. "Only one place remains vacant and we will reserve it for a European side. We would like to invite a leading team and the likes of Sweden and Bulgaria fall in our category," he told The Nation.

"The two countries are among the region's well-regarded teams, particularly Sweden who have many stars playing in the world's leading leagues. The date of the King's Cup tournament gives itself extra allure as the event happens during the winter break of Sweden's domestic league. So, there is a possibility that we would see a strong-looking Sweden squad," Worawi said. If no European team accepts the invitation, FAT will look to ASEAN nations, with Indonesia and Vietnam already showing interest.