Indonesian president 'upbeat' about sports performances

Indonesia's president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, said he is confident his country will continue to improve its sports achievement at home and abroad. "I am convinced we have the ability because Indonesia is a large country. With preparations, training, determination and sense of responsibility we will be able to increase the achievements (of our athletes) at home and overseas," he said.

According to Antara newsagency, the president also called on all stakeholders to help develop and increase the country`s achievements in the sports field in three steps: the establishment of sports centers, sports fund-raising and sports community.

He said that the idea to develop sports centers was expected to be realized in three years to come, while as to the funds, it was expected to be come not only from the state and regional budgets but also from people`s contributions.

On the establishment of sports community which included athletes, trainers, business owners and higher learning institutes, the president said that they were expected to bear responsibilities for the development of sports so that the country would make prestigious achievements.