FIFA selects IT developer for World Cup systems

Indian IT services company Satyam Computer Services has sealed a "multimillion-dollar, multiyear" deal with the world football body FIFA to develop its intranet and extranet systems, as well as a customised event management for the World Cup in 2010 in South Africa. Mohan Srinivasan, leader for business consulting at Satyam, said the IT services provider currently has "three engagements" with FIFA. "We are working on their extranet, the intranet and the event management system, leading up to the World Cup in 2010," Srinivasan told Lynn Tan of ZDNet Asia, noting that conceptualisation of the project started about "a year and half ago".

Srinivasan said components for the event management system will be built over the next three years, based on FIFA's requests and will consist of at least seven to eight business modules. The event management system will be used "to internally manage their events, right from visitor tracking…[to the allocation of] seats, ticketing and hospitality". Satyam will "provide in-country support for matches, working primarily from FIFA's Zurich headquarters". In addition, Satyam will also have teams working from offshore locations to "enable lower costs and optimized CMM Level 5 quality".

"FIFA organizes incredibly large-scale, high-profile tournaments … with as many as 28 billion people watching the 2006 Tournament," Michael Kelly, FIFA head of information technology solutions, said in a statement. "As such, we cannot afford even a second's downtime, even during the huge usage spikes throughout games. That is why we have chosen the reliability, flexibility and reusability of Satyam's applications."