Socceroos plan "sexy football" at Asian Cup

Australia's Socceroos have been treated like royalty since arriving in Bangkok to prepare for their opening match against Oman in their Asian Cup debut. More than 150 media mobbed them on arrival at an Australian Embassy function and Brett Emerton and Mark Bresciano drew another monster media contingent for a public appearance in central Bangkok, where they pledged to put on a show for the fans.

“We will try and play some sexy football,” said Blackburn Rovers utility player Emerton. “The conditions are very hot so we have to be very smart how we go about things. We will play sexy football at the right time.” Emerton also expressed surprise at the level of interest in the Socceroos in Thailand, where English Premier League football in huge. Twenty of the 23-man Australian squad play in Europe, and seven, including Emerton, ply their trade in the heavily televised English Premiership.

"Obviously coming from Australia where football isn’t the No.1 sport, we are not used to this amount of media interest,” he said as quoted by AFP. "It is slowly changing in Australia, but to come here and see the interest here in Asia in us is spectacular. Hopefully we can live up to people’s expectations.”