Man United "hasn't forgotten" about Singapore

Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of English Premier League club Manchester United, has "revealed" to Steve Bates of the New Paper that Man United hasn't "forgotten about Singapore - but they don't know when they'll be back touring in Malaysia." Ferguson reportedly last visited the island republic in 2001 and "remembers the warmth and enthusiasm of the fans who greeted them when they stayed at the Shangri-La Hotel, visited the newly-opened Reds Cafe and enjoyed the local hospitality." Since then the club's popularity has increased in East Asia to rival fans in South East Asia. "The fans all over Asia are so fantastic we would like to visit them every year but it's just not possible. The last time we visited Singapore, we also toured in Thailand and Kuala Lumpur and we haven't been back there either. We would love to go back to Singapore and hopefully we will do in the future but it is hard to say exactly when because so many factors are involved.

'Two years ago we were in Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo but this time we have had to include South Korea because our fan base over there has grown huge especially since we signed Park Ji Sung. We consider ourselves a global brand and more and markets are opening up for us especially in Asia. For instance we know have a tremendous number of fans in Vietnam and we may have to go there soon.The problem is we can't go every summer because in even years we have the World Cup and European Championships and even the Copa America to consider. But we will certainly take the opportunity of coming back to Asia whenever they come along because it is important to us and we know we have a lot of loyal and dedicated fans here," he said.