Liverpool wants trophies to build global fan base

Coach Rafa Benitez has been told by the board of English Premier League club Liverpool that he has to deliver trophies to make the club great again. "We are very clear with the idea that nothing boosts your fan base like success - all around the world you know that you will expand your fan base if you win trophies," said Chief Executive Rick Parry."We saw that when we dominated football in the 70s and 80s, and to a much greater extent in 2005 when we won the Champions League. We have a huge following across the world, and particularly in Asia, and we are in no doubt that had we won the Champions League again in Athens last season, then we would have swelled our fan base even further."

Parry explained that the club is focused on developing a worldwide fan base that will generate massive income, and it is the reason behind their current tour of Asia. "Developing a worldwide fan base is very important for a club of our stature - we are very fortunate that we have been able to draw on huge support from around the world, but it is vital that we build on this," he told David Maddock of the Mirror. "That is why we have to be successful, because it is obvious that is the best way to win more fans. It is all about promoting the club in the best way possible. Our plan this summer has been to make Liverpool Football Club the biggest and best in the land, and we have done everything we can this summer to make that happen.

"Asia is of massive interest to us, which is wh y we are here, but we are also interested in the American market. I believe there is massive potential out there, and we are also considering going to South Africa," he added.