No prize money if Australia wins the Asian Cup

Australia will "pay to play" in next month's AFC Asian Cup 2007 as the Asian Football Confederation does not compensate any of the 16 finalists and the tournament offers no prize money. According to Val Migliaccio at Adelaide Now, Australia can make up for the lack of Asian Cup finances by winning the tournament which will see them qualify for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 in South Africa. The latter tournament should see the Socceroos earn at least $1.5 million in appearance money plus ongoing bonuses of around $500,000 for each win.

"Asia's empty pockets are a stark contrast to the rich UEFA European confederation. UEFA handed out nearly $28 million to Greece for winning EURO 2004 while other nations were guaranteed $7.6 million just for qualifying plus a $950,000 bonus for each Group stage win," he wrote. The FFA is expected to fork out an estimated $500,000 for each Asian Cup clash with Socceroos wages apparently accounting for most of incurred costs. Socceroos are reported to be on at least $5000 a match at the Asian Cup plus payments from player-generated revenue.