New CEO for FIFA's Singapore-based top licensee

Singapore-based Global Brands Group, one of the world’s leading independent, international brand management, retail and licensing company, has announced that Gary H. Schoenfeld has been named co-CEO and president. Schoenfeld’s primary responsibilities include the company’s retail, merchandising, and food and beverage initiatives as well as finance, human resources and information technology.

“I have tremendous passion for building brands, great teams and fantastic product that excites consumers in markets around the world,” Schoenfeld said. “As FIFA’s exclusive master licensee worldwide for at least the next eight years, we have an incredibly exciting opportunity to leverage the world’s most coveted championship and 100 years of unmatched heritage. The same can be said for our relationship with Disney in the emerging markets of Asia with 2.5 billion potential customers in China and India alone. I also have great respect and enthusiasm for the rest of our brand partners and the potential they each represent.”

Schoenfeld continued: “Our business model is centered around brand management and working with our partners to go far beyond traditional licensing. We are currently developing new retail platforms for FIFA, Disney and PGA TOUR that will further showcase their brands and create additional revenue opportunities that can be quite substantial and complementary to the rest of their business and the various product licensing initiatives which we are simultaneously pursuing.”