FIFA un-sacks its Visa-Mastercard chief negotiator

The world football body's settlement with MasterCard over forthcoming World Cup sponsorships appears to have wiped the slate clean for at least one of the FIFA marketing executives who'd been accused of improper practices and observed by a US Federal Judge as having "lied repeatedly". Four were subsequently sacked by FIFA President Joseph S Blatter. To avoid further court action in the USA and Europe, FIFA has subsequently now agreed to pay US$90 million to Mastercard Inc to discontinue its claims.

"FIFA has, first of all, resolved a problem. Secondly - much more importantly - has paved the way to a good, new partner [Visa] that will support it and its manifold activities efficiently all around the world," Blatter told media.

However it is reported that FIFA has now reinstated marketing chief Jerome Valcke who was one of those sacked in December following the US`court hearing. FIFA apparently insists that an Appeal Court order of a review of aspects of the December hearing "means the original ruling about his misconduct has been voided." Voila!