India-Bangladesh border military in soccer clash

Football teams representing the border forces of India and Bangladesh played a friendly football match in Dawki. Organised by India's Border Security Force, the game was aimed at promoting confidence building between them. "This is the first match between BSF and Bangladesh's Bangladesh Rifles. I believe that such matches will promote friendly relation between the two countries," B Rahman, Captain of the Bangladesh Rifles team, told Daily India/ANI.

Hailing the initiative, the Bangladesh Rifles teams said this maiden attempt would greatly help to generate goodwill between the two countries."It will be continued. We have other games like volleyball more or less every month. We have trust and respect for each other," said Abul Hussain, the Commander of Bangladesh Rifles. The Indian side thrashed the Bangladesh side 4-0.

India and Bangladesh share a 4,096-km frontier, regarded as one of the world's most porous borders. It is guarded by about 45,000 BSF troops on the Indian side.