Everton FC packages its coaching secrets online

For years, the Youth Academy of English Premier League club Everton has enjoyed huge success in producing quality footballers. Wayne Rooney, Leon Osman, James Vaughan and Victor Anichebe - to name just a few - all came through the ranks at Everton.

Now anyone from across the world can follow The Everton Way online. Coaches can discover the methods used by the blues, while players can follow the programme just like the Toffees’ trainees - and all can be explored at the click of a button. The website offers hundreds of video clips, editorial walkthroughs and audio commentary guide you through the unique journey to develop players the Everton Way.

Everton first team player James Vaughan is delighted with how well things have gone for him at Goodison since arriving as a nine-year old. "The Everton Way has certainly worked for me and it has also worked for a number of other young players. One of the first things fans say to me is that they always like to see home-grown players do well and for everyone to get the chance to see the way it all works is great,” he said.

“There is huge appeal to develop the game across North America, Canada, Australia and many other global territories," said Everton Chief Executive Keith Wyness. “This proven Academy program acts as the perfect tool to provide quality football knowledge to coaches and players across the world, and further cement Everton’s reputation as a top Premiership Club that produces excellent home-grown talent.”

And despite player development being highly competitive amongst Premier League clubs, Everton is proud to be the first club to open the doors and reveal their techniques. “Never before has a Premiership Club dared to divulge the secrets of successful player development. We are delighted to share our knowledge with the world and make an impact on global football development,” Academy Manager Ray Hall added.

To learn more about The Everton Way, visit www.evertonway.com