Vision Asia's state-wide approach for India's Kerala

The Asian Football Confederation's Vision Asia team is likely to adopt a state-wide program for the Indian state of Kerala. "In Tamil Nadu, we plan to focus on two districts, Chennai and another district, in the initial stage but we're looking at a more different state-wide approach in Kerala which is smaller," said Brendan Menton, Vision Asia's Acting Director as quoted by The Hindu.

"We will be focusing on the grass-roots level, coaching, clubs, referees, football administration, competition management during our series of meetings here. Developing players at the grass-roots and youth levels are very important. Ten to 12 is the key age to learn the game's technical skills, 13 to 14 is too late, so there is a need to engage the schools in a big way," he explained.

The team will submit its report to the AFC and after studying it, the Asian body will send its draft development plan to the Kerala Football Association by 17 May. The AFC will then invite the KFA officials to its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur to discuss the project. "From today, in 10 weeks, we'll start the implementation stage," said Mr Menton.