20 Questions from North Korea's young footballers

Twenty-three members of North Korea's U-17 football team have been staying in South Korea for 20 days. "The lobby of the Suncheon Royal Tourist Hotel at 9 am on Saturday. The North Korean soccer squad look trim in their black uniform, shoes in hand. They had countless questions for the South Korean officials of the Sports Exchange Association accompanying them," reported the Chosun newspaper.

"What is the cross for?", one asks, and when told asks again, "What is a church?" The answer seemed to baffle them. When an official explained that many young South Koreans wear glasses because they use computers a lot, one team member said, "In North Korea, only few children and scholars who read lots of books wear glasses." The players were particularly taken by mobile phones. They wondered how people could make calls without lines and play games or take pictures with their phones. Whenever officials from the association used their mobile phones, the North Korean youngsters gathered to see their phones.

When shown magazine photos and asked to pick the most beautiful among actresses, Jeon Ji-hyun, Song Hye-gyo and Beyonce Knowles, they chose Beyonce Knowles, still insisted they didn't care.