Sponsorship tracking service for Asia football

Sports research company TNSSport has launched Asia Soccercope, a dedicated, syndicated football-tracking product which measures league popularity and the cut through of sponsorship in both domestic and international football competitions. The service, which will initially cover China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea, tracks the attitudes of football followers to sponsors and their products, the media and key issues surrounding the world’s most popular sport.

“The Asian football market is buoyant. Domestic and international leagues are increasingly popular, particularly the Premier League which has excellent reach across the region. This means that domestic football sponsors are getting exposure on an international scale. Asia Soccerscope will complement our Euro Soccerscope service enabling the popularity of the world’s biggest football teams to be tracked in multiple regions. This will allow clients to analyse the impact of their sponsorship on a much wider scale,” Richard Ames, Managing Director, TNSSport said.

Asia Soccerscope will use an on-line omnibus methodology to interview a cross-section of football fans across its markets in Asia each season.