Malaysian FA and Govt support youth programs

The Football Association of Malaysia and the Malaysian Ministry of of Youth and Sports have formed a partnership to launch of the football component of the Core Sports Program. Around 120 coaches from all over the country took part in a Core Sports Coaching Seminar providing special training for handling of players between the ages of 12-years-old and 15-years-old. “Any partnership with sport associations will have to be a smart partnership where we can no longer stick to the old system of them asking for funds and we just giving it to them,” said Dato’ Azalina Dato’ Othman Said, the Minister for Youth and Sports. “It has to be long-term in nature and where the government must be involved at the grassroots level and I believe the current age category is important in the development of future football players.”

According to the FAM website, the Association currently has 14 Academies under its wings with 25 players at each centre. There are also 63 Tunas Cemerlang centres all over the country with 30 players taking part at each centre for a total of 1890 players. This number is still considered below optimum. “We are creating a new structure at the base first and hopefully with time, quality and results will come from what we have started,” said His Royal Highness Tengku Abdullah Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, the deputy president of the FAM. “It is a stepping stone and along with better quality coaches as well as the scientific inputs from the National Sports Council, it will help in the development of our future players.”