Kuwait coach believes Pakistan football improving

Kuwait head coach Vladimir Petrovic Pizon is convinced the standard of Pakistani football has greatly improved. “It was unfortunate that Pak team could not capitalize on the chances they received in the match against Kuwait who won 3-0 in an Olympics Games Group A second round match,” Vladimir told the Associated Press of Pakistan. He said the Pakistan team was unlucky not to have scored through skipper Zahid Hameed when Kuwait was 1-0 up, while Pakistan’s back-four Muhammad Shahid, Muhammad Ahmed, Haji Muhammad and Samar Ishaq had put up fine defence.

Pizon believes there are still some hurdles that need to be overcome for football to blossom in Pakistan, where the AFC President's Cup tournament will played in May. “What’s lacking is a sense of professionalism, while some obstructions make it difficult for players from the region] to adapt abroad,” he said. “For footballers in Pakistan, the game remains a form of entertainment and they don’t see the need to move towards a more professional attitude,” he said, adding that the use of European and Latin American coaches could help the game improve further, “but only they are given enough time to work and plan properly."