NZ Soccer accepts A-League franchise license

Unanimously agreeing to accept a licence for the 2007-08 A-League offered by Football Federation Australia, the meeting of New Zealand Soccer board members agreed it should be for the remaining three years of the initial five-year licence. The parties presumed to be interested in the sub-license, Auckland and Wellington/Manawatu, have until 5pm on Monday to provide details to NZ football's ruling body. "They must be back to us on Monday with a full business plan," said NZS chief executive Graham Seatter told Terry Maddaford of the NZ Herald. "Part of that business plan will tell us how much money they feel is needed to run the club, what guarantees they have and prove to us they can successfully fund it. They must show us their budgeting is for the remaining three years of the licence."

Seatter agreed there was probably the need for at least NZ$2 million up front to kick-start the venture. They can count on A$1.3 million from the FFA as their share of the annual television rights. "They might come to us with a plan which says they can get by with less than the $5 million ... touted as a minimum. We would need to be satisfied that is possible. We won't be left holding the baby. But, I hope to be in a position by the end of next week whereby I can go to Ricki Herbert [as coach] and say he is in the market for players and can begin the recruiting process," he said.