Northern Mariana Islands women train in Guam

The Northern Mariana Islands Football Association women's team has received assistance from East Asian Football Federation neighbour, Guam Football Association. NMIFA Women's League coordinator Brenda Schultz and her squad spent the weekend playing their passion at a whole new level against the Guamanian national team three times thanks to the efforts of GFA women's chairperson Cheri Stewart. Playing on a different pitch with a foreign system, the Northern Mariana Islands ladies struggled to find their identity on the field and Schultz said that there were other obstacles as well. “We were completely awestruck by several of their [Guam's] talented players! It was a rigorous game as we were not used to playing on a regulation sized field. We were trying to learn how to work together. I don't know about the others but I felt like it was chaos as the only people I've ever been on the same team with were far away from me on the field,” she told Saipan Tribune.