A-League license offered directly to NZ Soccer

Football Federation Australia has offered New Zealand Soccer a licence to have a Hyundai A-League club in New Zealand. Two groups had shown interest in operating an A-League club out of New Zealand, a group from Auckland, which has withdrawn, and a group from Wellington/Manawatu which did not meet the requirements of the FFA. The FFA has offered to grant the licence to NZS and if required permit a sub-licence, on agreement of appropriate terms. The FFA has given NZS until Thursday 1 March 2007 to decide if they wish to accept the offer.

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that a franchise from North Queensland was ready to answer an SOS from the FFA if a New Zealand bid fell through. However, FFA Operations Manager Matt Carroll said New Zealand remained the FFA's strong preference to hold the final licence. "We are encouraging them to make it happen. Maybe the Wellington bid is not quite where it should be but we are prepared to listen," Carroll told NZPA.