Indonesia's Persik FC signs Lotto kit sponsorship

The 2006 Indonesian League champion, Persik FC of Kediri, East Java, has signed a one-year contract with Lotto, an Italian sports apparel firm, to support the club's performance in this season's Premier League. Persik is also one of two clubs from East Java province representing Indonesia in the forthcoming AFC Champions League.

"Lotto is providing uniforms, balls and other supporting equipment for Persik's players and officials," Lotto's brand director Gigi Abraham said in a statement. "We want to support and show our commitment to the Indonesian sports world, especially soccer," he said.

Persik manager Iwan Budianto told Antara newsagency that the Rp 900 million (US$98,685) deal would help the club save its money to compete in the AFC Champions League, which might soar to Rp 5 billion from Rp 3.8 billion two years ago.