Vietnam football cup a 'social responsibility' for LG

South Korea's LG Electronics has seen remarkable growth in Vietnam since it started local production in 1999. In just three years it secured the largest electronics market share and by 2005 its market share expanded to 30 percent. It is now accelerating marketing activities to attain its goal of increasing sales to $300 million. "In its marketing strategy, LG Electronics combined a premium image of high-end digital gadgets with a Korean celebrity's positive appeal in Vietnam," Kim Yoon-mi observed in the Korea Herald. "In LG Electronics' commercials since May last year the company has been featuring Korean actress Lee Yong-ae, who is at the center of Vietnamese enthusiasm for the Korean Asia-wide hit drama 'Daejanggeum'. The company anticipates that Vietnamese will associate LG Electronics products with Lee's graceful and intelligent image."

From the early days of market entry into Vietnam, LG Electronics has been continuously supporting scholarship programs, environmental protection activities and charity programs for marginalised groups. The company's sport events such as the LG Cup International Soccer Match have been carried out to meet the social responsibilities, the company told the newspaper.