Thailand hosts Beach Football trophy in Pattaya

Nine international teams of beach football players from Thailand, UK, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Bangladesh and Pattaya Allstars Team will contend in a Beach Football Championship Trophy from 18-23 December on Jomtien Beach, Thailand, Pattaya Daily News reported. The game, played recreationally on beaches, was regularised in 1992 under the auspices of Beach Soccer Worldwide. Because of the unevenness of the sandy pitch, the game demands a high degree of improvisation from its participants. The compact pitch - 28x37 metres – lets the players score from virtually any angle. Accordingly, with such a small arena, the scores are usually high, on average 11 goals per game.

Rules: three 12-minute periods, five players per team, including the goalkeeper, unlimited substitutions from a choice of 3 - 5 extra players , every game must have a winner - the contest lasting for up to three minutes of overtime,followed by penalty kicks if the score remains tied, two referees per the match, fouls result in a free kick on goal, to be taken by the fouled player, blue cards may be issued, with the offender being banished for two minutes, whilst his team continues with one less player, shoes are not permitted, throw-ins are taken from the side lines - either with hands or feet , goal kicks are taken by the goalkeeper using his hands.