AFC to resume assistance to Cambodian football

The Asian Football Confederation will resume funding of Cambodian football after observers said elections for the Cambodian Football Federation presidency were free and fair. General Sao Sokha, the national Military Police commander and close ally of Prime Minister Hun Sen, was re-elected as CFF president on Saturday for a four-year term. The new CFF executive committee comprises Senior Vice President Ravy Khek, Vice President Keo Sarin, Treasurer Bopha Saradeth Phuong and General Secretary Yean Chheang.

Rene Z Adad, deputy chairman of the AFC's legal committee, said the polls were legitimate and international aid would resume. "I was very much impressed with what we have witnessed," Adad told a news conference reported by Ek Madra of The Guardian. "It really followed the democratic process. As the rules have been followed, the election therefore has to be recognised."

Sao Sokha said financial support for the war-scarred country was essential. "Cambodia is a poor country and has just has earned its peace. I urge FIFA, the AFC, the AFF and others to provide for us support both financially and technically so that we can improve our soccer."