VTV finalises Bach Viet Cup broadcasting deal

After weeks of negotiations Vietnam Television (VTV) reached an agreement with the organiser of the Bach Viet Cup invitational football event to air its matches live. VTV agreed to pay Bach Viet Media Company US$20,000 for broadcasting rights to the event, which will see host Vietnam competing against Indonesia, Cameroon, and Finland on 15-19 November in HCM City. Apart from $20,000 from VTV, Bach Viet will also receive $10,000 from the HCM City-based HTV for the live images of the Bach Viet Cup.

Bach Viet originally wanted the two TV stations, VTV and HCM City Television , to pay $30,000 on top of 30 percent of their advertising revenues made during matches. After a full stalemate, followed by weeks of hard negotiations, Bach Viet scaled down its demands to $10,000 and 20 percent of ad revenues.

The event, previously known as the LG Cup, is among the annual activities the Vietnam Football Federation organises for the national team in preparation for their international tournaments.

Previous terms offered by Bach Viet include the copyrights, live broadcasting of all matches, opening and closing ceremonies, and broadcasting 10 30-minute advertising clips 10 times a day. The company also asked VTV to pay them 30 percent of the money collected from advertising services before, during and after broadcasting the matches. Ultimately, VTV agreed to buy the broadcasting copyright for double the downscaled price, $20,000 (twice that they paid for the Agribank Cup last week), and refused to pay anything else.

VTV, the most popular among Vietnam’s 100 TV channels, along with HTV, outbid TV channel VTC to have exclusive broadcasting copyrights of the Bach Viet Cup, Vietnam Newsagency reported.