Why doesn't PFF talk with AFC's Cristy Ramos?

Philippine women's football official Cristy Ramos said the country failed to measure its progress again because the Philippine Football Federation neglected to send teams to the Asian Under-16 and Asian Under-14 womens tournaments, both FIFA sanctioned events organised by the Asian Football Confederation of which Ramos is the chair of the women’s committee. “Being critical of the PFF is my job,” said Ramos, the former Philippine Olympic Committee president and highest-ranking Filipino official in FIFA and the AFC. “I don’t understand why the PFF missed those tournaments,” she told June Navarro of the Inquirer.

Ramos also criticised the PFF last year when it missed the registration deadline for the Asian Under-19 tournament. Officials pleaded for reconsideration with the AFC to no avail, forcing them to disband the team.

“I’m willing to sit down with them (PFF officials) any time, anywhere but they don’t want to talk to me. I wonder why?” said Ramos, a former women’s football star who later became the president of the local women’s football group. “I am willing to do what I can to help the PFF and local football,” said the daughter of former President Fidel V Ramos. “All they have to do is ask.”

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