Significant international sports content merger

PA SportsTicker's parent company, PA Sport, has announced an investment in the Australian sports internet and information company, Sportal Australia. This deal means that PA SportsTicker customers in North America will have access to Sportal Australia's new generation of web-ready products. In return, Sportal will become the sales agent for PA SportsTicker's US sports content in their home territories of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Under the terms of the deal PA Sport will acquire 33.3% of Sportal Australia to gain the exclusive rights to commercialize and develop Sportal’s content and technical products and services outside their home territories of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

PA SportsTicker, PA Sport and Sportal Australia also share a common approach to the development of sports information by focusing on sport governing bodies. PA SportsTicker has official relationships with the major leagues in the US including MLB, NBA and NFL. PA Sport has become the data partner of choice for many governing bodies including the English Premier League, the England and Wales Cricket Board and the South African Premier Soccer League. Sportal Australia has been similarly successful with online partnerships with Football Federation of Australia, Cricket Australia, the Australian Football League, Australian Rugby Union and the Melbourne Cricket Club amongst others. Sportal also owns 100% of Champion Data, the official scoring and data provider of the AFL.