Ronaldo backs International Soccer & Media Fund

Mirage Holdings FZCO, RAK and Swiss Securities Trust AG have signed with Latin American Futbol Corporation in partnership with Ronaldo, as mentor, to launch the US$150 Million International Soccer and Media Fund. One of the main aims of the new fund will be the acquisition of the world’s top football prospects. Players will be chosen by a team comprising Manny Bains and Fabiano Farah, a registered FIFA Agent and his company Splendor Rights Management.

Ronaldo will mentor the players not only in football but in the problems faced by growing into a world class athlete. His role will be solely a mentor position abiding by FIFA rules as he is a current player. He will take the younger players under his guidance and teach them the life lessons he has learned on his road to greatness. Ronaldo will also be heavily involved in the fund promoting sports ethics including hosting an annual fund meeting, to be held in the UAE in 2007.

In order to diversify the fund, it will also focus on the potential acquisition of a professional football team in Europe as well as football media rights focused on select tournaments throughout the world, Soccer Investor reported (12 Oct).

“We have developed this hybrid fund structure, copy written under the name “Star Funds,” with SST in order to bring a new type of investment to the market. The Star Funds are individually developed with the talent, depending on their genre and the funds are managed through SST , a private Swiss Trust Fund, based in Geneva. In addition, we are currently in talks with some A List Hollywood talent to launch Star Funds for them as well. The ISMF is an International fund and open to both institutional investors as well as high net worth individuals. The fund carries a capital guarantee and the goal of the fund is to provide investors with a return as well as being able to be involved with a dynamic project in the area of International Soccer. The fact that Ronaldo is taking a personal stake in the development of players in this Fund helps demonstrate the power this fund will have,” said Michelle Nickelson, President and COO of Mirage Holdings FZCO.

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