Man United adopts 'whole body vibration' training

English Premier League club Manchester United has acquired the Power-Plate Next Generation machine to optimise the effects of Whole Body Vibration training. WBV is based on Rhythmic Neuromuscular Stimulation (which dates back to 1960 when Professor W. Biermann described ‘cyclical vibrations’ capable of improving the condition of the joints relatively quickly. The Next Generation Power-Plate works by transferring vibrations to muscles, enabling them to contract and relax up to 50 times a second in a reflex action. A static or dynamic pose, held for up to 60 seconds at a time, activates multiple muscle groups simultaneously to improve muscle strength, power, performance, flexibility and range of motion. In addition to increasing strength and agility, vibration training reportedly enhances critical blood flow and expedites the recovery and regeneration of damaged tissue. This in turn can reduce sports injuries, speed up rehabilitation and shorten healing time.

Manchester United FC’s Head Physiotherapist, Rob Swire, plans to use the Next Generation for developing strength, power, proprioception and rehabilitation. "The Power-Plate Next Generation meets our requirements for our training equipment to be functional, but aesthetically appealing to encourage players to use it. Indeed, the simplicity of the set up and ease of use allows Manchester United players and staff to quick start and change the frequency and intensity of vibrations with minimum supervision," he said as reported by Soccer Investor (11 Oct).