FIFA funding pressures women's football in Oman

The Oman Football Association hopes to implement an ambitious FIFA Goal Project by November, if the feedback from the meeting of OFA officials and the visiting FIFA delegation is to be believed, the Times of Oman reported. OFA plans for the first phase are to construct its association headquarters and the existing ground outside the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher to be developed. In the second phase, lands, where presently an athletic track exists outside the main stadium, will be procured and developed into another ground which will serve long-term development in the youth sector (academies) and provide a venue for specialist coaching and refereeing courses.

As the projects are being financed by the funds from Goal and FIFA’s Financial Assistance Program, the FIFA representatives sought the introduction of women’s football and its development. However, the OFA said that the idea is to develop women’s football from the grassroots level. The basic idea is to introduce it initially in community schools followed by government schools in close coordination with the Ministry of Education.