Attempt to bribe Singapore league game fails

An attempt to buy an S-League football result has been foiled after a bribe was rejected by a Sporting Afrique FC player, the Singapore club's chairman Collin Chee told Ossian Shine of Reuters. Cameroonian midfielder Jacques Ngo'o Evrard rejected an offer of S$8,000 hen approached by two men hours before the club's scheduled match against Gombak United on 25 September. "This proves one thing," Chee told Reuters. "There are good, honest soccer players, and players who will come clean and just want to play football."

Evrard had been offered the bribe to pull out of the match and if Gombak beat the third-from-bottom hosts. The midfielder did play in the match but Gombak won all the same, 4-2. Chee said his player had done all that could be expected. "I am very happy with him," he said. "My player rejected the bribe and immediately told his coach. That is all he could do. We immediately reported the incident to the S-League and this is now being investigated."