Afghanistanis to watch World Cup live in TV first

The 2006 World Cup finals are to be shown live on Afghanistan television for the first time. An official of Afghanistan's Tolo TV station told Xinhua newsagency that Tolo, as well as the national station and a commercial one, will broadcast the Cup's key matches live. FIFA has reportedly "forgiven their fees" for acquiring the right to broadcast the matches. "During Taliban's regime from 1996 to 2001, entertainment like music, films and some sports were forbidden in this country of about 25 million. After Taliban's collapse, recreation, art and so on reappeared in this country," Xinhua commented.


The Islamist faction that has just taken control of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia in eastern Africa, has reportedly dispersed hundreds of residents protesting against moves by Sharia religious courts to stop them watching the World Cup there (10 June). "The Islamic militia of the area issued an order to stop them watching films as well as the World Cup this year in Germany," said Elmi Muse, a resident contacted by Reuters. "It is unacceptable to oppress the people," he added.

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