Survey of World Cup-related advertising-promotion

A barrage of football-related advertising and marketing activity is expected to hit China, Hong Kong and Thailand leading up to the 2006 World Cup starting 9 June according to an ICOM global survey. At the other extreme, Pakistan expects a very small percentage, less than 10% of total spending. The survey was designed to gauge the pulse of advertising activity related to the event around the world. The interest varies most within Asia ranging from “extremely important” (6) in Japan and Malaysia to “slightly important” (3) in Australia and Pakistan.

Of the 15 official partners, those most active in promoting their World Cup participation are Adidas, Coca-Cola, MasterCard and McDonald’s, respondents said. Those with the least visibility are Avaya, Deutsche Telekom and Emirates Airline.

Importance of the World Cup in each Asian market
with respect to advertising and promotion
Extremely important: Japan, Malaysia
Very important: China, Indonesia, Thailand
Important: Hong Kong
Slightly important: Australia, Pakistan.
Very little importance: -
Not important: -

Percentage of advertising and marketing activity in
Asia expected just prior and during the World Cup
75%-90%: China
50%-75%: Hong Kong, Thailand
25%-49%: Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia
10%-25%: Australia
Less than 10%: Pakistan

USA-based ICOM is a global network of independent advertising agencies. Its members in more than 50 countries, represent US$2.0 billion in revenues annually.