President Bush on Football, Iran and World Cup

Sabine Christiansen of Ard German Television recorded an interview with the Presidemt of the United States of America, George W Bush, on 4 May 2006 in the White House's Diplomatic Reception Room. The most important global issues were raised towards the end of their discussion:

Christiansen: I think for the two of us, we don't have soccer expert teams sitting here together, but anyway, I think you're a baseball fan.

President: I am a baseball fan, you're right.

Christiansen: You are. Do you think you've turned a little bit into a soccer fan? I mean, your team is doing so well at the moment and --

President: That's what they tell me. I do know a little bit about the World Cup because I read a very interesting article about the German coach -- and evidently he's a dynamic -- you know, he's spending some time in California. And the World Cup is such a huge event that I think most Americans like me, who weren't raised on soccer, are beginning to pay attention to it. Now, I know that sounds like heresy in Germany.

Christiansen: In Germany, yes. But think of just -- I mean, that the American team could meet the Iranian team.

President: Yes, could be.

Christiansen: What then?

President: Well, I don't view it that way. I view it as I hope the American team does well. But this is a big event for Germany, and Germany will be a great host for the games. And, obviously, I hope the American team does well -- they're supposedly a good team.

Christiansen: If they get world champion, you're coming for the final game?

President: I don't know -- do you think I possibly would be invited? I don't know.

Christiansen: We're very happy that you come over in July.

President: I'm looking forward it. And I want to thank you for this good interview.