Malaysian plan to introduce their own "World Cup"

An expensive research study commissioned by Malaysian authorities has found that countries that host the World Cup tend to see a big spike in the number of tourist arrivals in that given year."This is a truly surprising find and I am glad we allocated RM40 million to this study," tourism expert Sayfool Bahari said.

The findings, Amir Muhammad revealed in the prestigious New Straits Times (Kuala Lumpur), have persuaded authorities to invest in Malaysia’s very own World Cup. Unlike the more established sporty one run by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), this World Cup will exist all year round.

How is this possible? Sayfool’s solution is ingenious: Malaysia will build a giant cup. "I am not talking about the XL cup that you drink Starbucks coffee from," he explained laughingly. "I am not that foolish! I am talking about a cup so big that if you turn it upside down, it will cover both of the KLCC Towers." Since this cup will be the largest in the world, Malaysia would be fully justified to name it the World Cup.

Sayfool dismissed criticism from those prefering football to a monument. "We consciously chose a solid structure instead of a sporting event, as bringing in so many men in shorts might cause social problems," he said. "Besides it is well-known that the soccer World Cup encourages gambling and fights. The World Cup that will be permanently based in Malaysia will be a wholesome affair that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It’ll be just like relaxing with a huge cup of tea. Except we probably can’t find enough tea to fill our Cup!" he laughed.

True story!