East Bengal plan to link with Sao Paulo and Europe

Aditya Kashyap, president of the East Bengal-state-based Indian Football Association, plans to revive Super Soccer and Darjeeling Gold Cup as immediate targets. The former managing director of Tata Steel told media that Super Soccer could be seen as early as December or at least by next year-end. "We will have two games in this state. I have friends in Sao Paulo and in Europe and we can see some quality participation," he said. Promising to lend a corporate touch to IFA’s style and functioning, Kashyap said he also has an exchange programme with Sao Paulo on the wings, as also taking up the cause of football in rural Bengal. "I am aware that soccer needs to be nurtured and that is exactly what we plan to do at IFA," he said.

Kashyap called for a three-pronged plan to promote football in the state. It would include nurturing the game from the nursery level, creating hype for footbakll and finally marketing the game to raise capital resources for investment. "The ultimate aim for me is to give a proper pedestal to soccer so that footballers can earn a decent plus living by playing the game," he said.