Thailand expects 'advert-free' World Cup telecasts

MCOT Plc, the operator of Thailand television network, Channel 9, has teamed up with the firm that has the rights to broadcast the 2006 World Cup, DhosPaak Communication Agency Co, to strengthen advertising sales revenue in lead-up programming. According to Bamrung Amnatcharoenrit in the Bangkok Post, the advertising will be sold based around an exclusive program, the World Cup Official Guide, which will go on air on 25 April, to provide in-depth coverage of the 32 football teams taking part in the tournament.

DhosPaak, a subsidiary of Thai Beverage Plc, is telecasting matches in association with Chang beer, another Thai Brewary division, which is the shirt sponsor for English Premier League club Everton. But, apart from that arrangement, the agency said it has arranged for the broadcast of "commercial-free live matches" for the one-month tournament.

"DhosPaak, the official broadcaster licensed by FIFA, has joined hands with Television Pool of Thailand, which consists of six free-to-air stations in Thailand - Channels 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and iTV," Montreechai Lumyongsatian reported in The Nation earlier this year. The broadcaster said audiences will have a better viewing experience than four years ago because it will also offer the Hi-Definition Fully Digital 16:9 system.