Malaysia's federal and state FAs get together

The Football Association of Malaysia is continuing its consultative process to encourage the development of football throughout the country. The Malay Mail reports that yesterday, in Penang, FAM conducted its second meeting with all State FA secretaries, chaired by the national body’s secretary-general, Datuk Seri Dr Ibrahim Saad.

"More often then not, the secretaries don’t attend FAM’s council meetings," said Ibrahim. "A lot of discussions and important decisions are made and we want to ensure that the secretaries – who are the main people – are aware of what’s going on. Those who attend the Council meetings pass down the information but sometimes don’t brief them thoroughly. These meetings proved effective as it gives both FAM and State FAs a chance to air their views, grouses, ideas, shortcomings, problems – all of which leads to better administration."

During the meeting, FAM’s paid staff were asked to leave the room for a closed door meeting which lasted almost an hour.

"We thrashed out many things. As much as we want the State FAs to be efficient, we too are open to criticsms and will try to improve ourselves if there are any shortcomings on our part. It was a housekeeping and cleaning process."

Among the other matters discussed at the meeting which lasted almost three hours, included tournaments FAM will be hosting, M-League fixtures changes and the 2007 League.

Among the tournaments to be hosted by Malaysia are the Asian Football Confederation qualifying futsal tournament in Kuantan in April, the AFC women’s Under-19 tournament from April 10-20 in Kuala Lumpur, the AFC Under-14 festival at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia from June 22-24 and the AFC Under-17 qualifying match between North Korea and South Korea. It was also decided that from March 1, Sunday will be a day of rest for football in Malaysia.

All Premier League matches currently being played on Sundays will be played together with the Super League matches on Saturdays. Where there are clashes of venue in the Premier League matches, some will be played on Fridays. Tuesdays will still remain the day for mid-week Super and Premier League matches. Wednesdays will be for FA Cup matches and Thursdays for President Cup matches and Fridays for Youth Cup matches. FAM Cup matches will on Saturdays too and where there are clashes in venues, they will be played on Fridays. The Academy League matches will also be played on Saturdays.