Japan FA builds flag pole highlighting 2050 goals

The Japanese Football Association plans to build a "2050 Pole" to symbolize its "2005 Declaration" and supporting members are being sought to finance it. The declaration was announced on 1 January this year to clarify the Association’s mid- and long-term objectives and directions. The goals include expanding the “football family” to 5 million by 2015 and 10 million by 2050, and hosting the World Cup again by 2050 and winning that tournament.

The "2050 Pole" will be installed in the front entrance of the JFA headquarters in Tokyo next January. On days when national teams have matches or there are other major JFA events, the JFA flag will be raised.

To build the pole, the JFA is inviting a total of 2,050 supporting members, each contributing 2,050 yen. The JSA has around 30,000 registered teams and 850,000 registered players. The names of supporting members will be carved in the foundation of the pole.