Death prompts safety standards for goal posts

Australia's largest state, New South Wales, has launched a CD-ROM highlighting new safety standards for moveable soccer goalposts, developed after the tragic death of a three-year-old girl in a Sydney suburb. It is endorsed by Football Federation Australia, including the local associations, Soccer NSW and Northern Soccer and is being distributed to sporting clubs, schools and local councils throughout the state.

"There have been a number of deaths, both in Australia and overseas caused by moveable soccer goalposts including that of India Verity two years ago at Moss Vale," Diane Beamer, NSW Minister for Fair Trading, said at the launch of Play it Safe - Soccer Goalpost Safety CD-ROM.

"After an inquiry it was clear that we needed appropriate measures to minimise the risk of further death or injury among the estimated 500,000 people playing soccer each year in NSW. In March this year, a new product safety standard came into effect ensuring that all new moveable soccer goalposts are designed to reduce the risk of them tipping over," she said.

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