More disclosures on 'the rot in Vietnam football'

A former top Vietnam Football Federation official has handed over to the police more “evidence” of match fixing and bribing as they continue investigations to uncover the rot that has set into the V-League, Thanh Nien newspaper reported.

A "reliable source" told Thanh Nien that the ex-official – who is still associated with football but wished to remain unnamed – gave the police documents "recording match fixing and bribery involving three football clubs and six new referees."

The source did not name the clubs or referees, or the exact period pertaining to the evidence collected by the federation. The source said however the documents were collected long before the arrest of two officials, Luong Trung Viet and Vu Tien Thanh in August, for bribery. The former official claimed he had been awaiting a suitable time to release it.

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