Korea may limit exclusive major sports broadcasts

An opposition lawmaker in South Korea's National Assembly reportedly will submit a revision bill to prevent certain broadcasters from monopolizing the rights to air "listed sports events" such as the World Cup tournament.

According to the Korean Times, the move comes amid controversy over a local sports marketing firm, IB Sports, obtaining exclusive rights to broadcast all preliminary matches of the Asian Football Confederation for seven years from 2006.

The Bill to be presented by Park Hyoung-joon of the largest opposition, Grand National Party will require the Korean Broadcasting Commission to name "listed sporting events" that draw public attention nationwide after gathering TV audience opinions and holding discussions with broadcasters as to which events should apply.

Once a broadcaster obtains an exclusive broadcasting contract with an official event organizer, it would be required for the firm to supply domestic broadcasting rights to various other broadcasting firms, including public broadcasters, cable channels and digital multimedia broadcasting at "justifiable and reasonable" prices.