English fans prepared to pay 'for quality'

Research of UK football fans has shown that nearly half would be prepared to pay more for quality facilities at stadia. Forty-three percent would be prepared to pay more, with a fifth prepared to pay as much as £10 more per match in return for improved facilities.

The survey of more than 3,000 fans of all ages supporting 149 clubs was commissioned by property consultants Drivers Jonas.

It also found almost two-thirds (62%) of fans would prefer limited club funds to be spent on a stadium with a fantastic atmosphere. Some 32% would rather see the money spent on players.

"The Drivers Jonas study clearly shows that fans' enjoyment is not just measured in terms of the quality of the football, it's about the whole match-day experience. Fans appreciate good stadia facilities and a fantastic atmosphere and are prepared to pay for it too," said Geoff Aucock, partner at Drivers Jonas and head of the company's sports division, as reported by Sports Business.