Singaporian coach's thoughts on Korean star

Singapore Sports School's new head coach, Robert Verbeek, assisted Guus Hiddink with the first team at perennial Dutch champions PSV Eindhoveu, from 1988 to 1996.

According to the New Paper, Verbeek wonders how Manchester United will treat South Korean star, Park, in the new English Premier League season. Verbeek's elder brother, Pim, assisted Hiddink during South Korea's run to the 2002 World Cup semi-finals, where Park first grabbed attention.

Said Verbeek: "If you work in South Korea for 1 1/2 years like Guus and my brother did, you have to learn the culture, the way they think, the way they like to communicate, and the way they react to you and your instructions, and also, to the way you react. If you coach them and you lose your mind and shout at them, they become very quiet because they really think they are being attacked. This is what my brother said they learnt from their Korean experience.

"That's why Guus was always very careful when it came to Park and Lee Young Pyo, the two players he brought over to PSV. Lee struggled at the start more than Park because he's a defender, so mistakes are easier to pick on. But Guus always made sure he boosted their confidence by defending their performances. He kept them motivated to try harder, even though the Dutch players they played against were tougher on them because they wanted to prove they were better than the Koreans.

"So they learnt a lot from the Dutch league to prepare them for the big time in the English Premier League. They spoke little English, so Guus flew their families over to stay with them in Holland."